Proper Villains Soundsystem

Chicano Hooligan/Suedehead Dad into Big Bitches, Booze and Bovver. Sexo y Violencia. We are a Punk & Reggae Soundsystem based in So.Cal/Sur Califas. We love Bovvereggae, Bootboy Anthems, Lowrider Oldies and Turntable Terrorism. Into Neo-traditional Americana tattoos, vintage Vespa/Lambretta/Bajaj scooters, fine ales and lagers, steaks and Vegetarian dishes.
You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers.
Lemmie see what you got

#Respect the “Friendy-Muttonchop #FriendlyMuttonchops #MuttonChops #Chops #Sideburns #Burns

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